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3 posts from May 2011

Do You Have Computex News For Everywire? I Honor Embargo'd News :)

May 31, 2011 7:05 PM in Trade Shows  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

If you're a vendor at Computex and have G.hn related news you are breaking, send it my way and I will honor your embargo.

If you are at Computex and want to contribute a post on what you are seeing there, send photos, and your story.  I will post it, credit you and link back to your social profiles and your company.

Send to:  alan at weinkrantz dot com

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines - HomeGrid Forum and Broadband Forum Announce First Open G.hn Chipset Interoperability Plugfest

May 17, 2011 1:05 PM  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

G.hn hits another milestone:  Chipset manufacturers will have their first major opportunity to test the interoperability of their products for the new G.hn home networking standard.

The event will take place from May 23-27, 2011 and will be hosted at the ITU facilities in Geneva, Switzerland. The G.hn Chipset Interoperability Plugfest is a joint effort by the HomeGrid Forum and the Broadband Forum, and is being facilitated by the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL). 

Chipset vendors who are members of Broadband Forum and/or HomeGrid Forum and are interested in joining the Plugfest can register here.

“As one of the world’s leading organizations for broadband best practices and technology evolution, we are pleased to be able to co-host the first G.hn chipset open interoperability event. This is a very important step on the road to bringing G.hn products to the market and represents a significant milestone for service providers planning to deploy G.hn,” said Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum.

This G.hn open interoperability event represents a major advance in the efforts of the industry as it is the first of its kind. Together, HomeGrid Forum, Broadband Forum and ITU are taking a major step forward to accelerate the delivery of G.hn technology to the marketplace.  Members of the Broadband Forum and HomeGrid Forum will be able to submit their chipsets for interoperability testing against the Interoperability Test Plan, which defines a suite of physical-layer and data-link-layer interoperability tests for G.hn. 

 “The ITU supports this event and we believe this represents a significant milestone in the world’s service providers aligning around G.hn,” said Malcolm Johnson, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau from ITU. “A multi-vendor silicon interoperability event furthers the technology, and with the support of the Broadband Forum and HomeGrid Forum members, we are working with important players that will be deploying this technology in the near future.”

 G.hn - The Official Wired Home Network of 7 Billion People 

The ITU developed G.hn as the first global home networking standard created to unify home networking services and devices over any wire, including coaxial cable, phone lines and power lines. The Plugfest is driven by vendor interest and the industry’s desire to test first silicon and demonstrate G.hn’s market potential.

The specific goals of this first G.hn plugfest are to perform initial tests for interoperability and compliance of chipsets from a number of vendors, validate the test suite and act as a prelude to the launch of HomeGrid’s formal Compliance and Interoperability program. Multiple G.hn chipset vendors are expected to participate.

President of HomeGrid Forum Matt Theall said, “We are excited by the speed with which the industry is moving forward with developing products for the G.hn standard. Chip vendors have really pushed forward with this and the interoperability testing will pave the way for real progress in getting devices to market.”


Finding MIMO: HomeGrid Forum Endorses Draft ITU-T MIMO Specification for Extending G.hn

May 04, 2011 11:05 AM in ITU-T G.9963 , MIMO  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

During the latest ITU-T Study Group 15 plenary, the G.hn work group saw the culmination of months of study with agreement on a draft new standard (ITU-T G.9963) called G.hn-mimo that adds state-of-the-art MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology to the G.hn standard for high-speed networking over existing home wiring.

The HomeGrid Forum fully supports this new standard, stating that the addition of MIMO will significantly increase robustness, rate, and coverage, making G.hn by far the premier home networking technology, especially in very challenging noise environments such as powerlines in the home.

The group of ITU-T experts that last year completed the development of the G.hn standard for networking over existing home wiring (i.e. powerlines, phone lines and coaxial cable) has been developing a new standard that adds MIMO to G.hn.

The specification is initially focusing on powerline as this is the most challenging wired medium.

MIMO works by using the multiple paths available because power wires have 3 conductors (phase, neutral and ground). G.hn-mimo standard devices will be able to send traffic streams over multiple paths simultaneously and thus increase throughput rates and noise robustness. In cases where a communication path is affected by impairments, other paths can be used to compensate and hence ensure full coverage and persistent delivery of content. ITU-T G.9963 is the first powerline MIMO specification to be developed by an international SDO (Standards Development Organization). As G.hn-mimo is an enhancement to G.hn, G.hn devices with MIMO are fully interoperable with devices built to the G.hn standard approved in 2010.

The technical work on G.hn-mimo is due for completion by July 2011, with Consent (official ITU-T Recommendation status) expected in Fall 2011.

"Service Providers and equipment vendors that are planning to start G.hn deployments this year need to have a clear view of the G.hn road map and which enhancements are coming," said Matt Theall, President of HomeGrid Forum. "G.hn is already the best standards-based solution for any wired home networking application, and the G.hn-mimo enhancements will ensure that G.hn will continue to be the best for years to come."

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