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World First G.hn Interoperability Demonstration to be shown at CES #Ghn

December 29, 2011 6:12 PM in CES 2012  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

The world’s first live public demonstration of G.hn interoperability will take place on the HomeGrid Forum booth at CES in Las Vegas in January 2012. 

G.hn allows network devices to transmit data over any home wiring including power lines, coaxial cables and phone lines. It is an open standard, developed by the ITU-T and based on the technical requirements set by service providers.

This new G.hn home networking specification (ITU G.9960, G.9961) is fast becoming the technology to watch for wired home networking applications. Plugfests are under way and CES will be the first opportunity to see a full demonstration of the technology as first products approach certification.  

WHO:     The HomeGrid Forum - a global, non-profit trade group promoting the ITU’s G.hn and G.hnem standardization efforts for next-generation home networking and SmartGrid Applications. HomeGrid Forum promotes adoption of G.hn and G.hnem through technical and marketing efforts, addresses certification and interoperability of G.hn and G.hnem-compliant products, and cooperates with complementary industry alliances

WHERE:     Booth No 21918 (South Hall)

2012 International CES, Las Vegas

WHEN:       January 10-13, 2012

HomeGrid Forum members will be happy to meet you during CES. As time is limited please arrange your interview slot well in advance. There will also be opportunities for telephone briefings after the event.

CONTACT:     For more information or to arrange a briefing with the HomeGrid Forum , please contact Sheila Lashford on +44 7986 514240 or Rebecca Armstrong on +44 1636 812152 or email pr@homegridforum.org


Will G.hn Make TV More Social?

December 18, 2011 6:12 PM in Social Television  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

I'm not here to predict the future, but it seems like G.hn connected TVs could help accelerate the growing movement of making TV, well... more social.

Screen Shot 2011-12-18 at 12.39.07 PM

As we approach C.E.S., keep an eye out for G.hn - related announcement, and the growing moving to TV becoming more and more social.  

Look for smart phone based apps like Dijit,that are enabling us to share our TV experiences and connect with others as they are watching and joining in on other screens in addition to the big one you may be watching.

Your Home is Already "Lit" For G.hn

December 07, 2011 8:12 PM  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Your home is already "lit" for G.hn.

Be it phone, powerline or coax, the existing wired infrastructure in the home means no new wiring, and an entirely new range of options for millions of consumers around the world to use the G.hn-enabled products coming to market in 2012.

As we wind down 2011, get ready to wind up to 2012 in a new world of media processor driven, bandwidth hungry applications that will spark new life in home control and demand management market opportunities. 

Guest Post from AT&T's Vernon Reed - "3 Cheers Are in Order for G.hn"

December 01, 2011 4:12 PM in AT&T , Vernon Reed  | 1 comments  | 0 TrackBack

By Vernon Reed

I am fortunate to be one of the “early adopter” test homes for emerging G.hn products, and I’m thrilled to report that I have been up and running a full G.hn-enabled home network using only powerline connectivity for all my video in my AT&T Uverse for 2 weeks now….. and running flawlessly I might add.

I have long been involved with AT&T’s analysis of home network technologies, and have evaluated all revs of HomePlug and HomePlugAV over the last 5-6 years.  And using these technologies I have  observed in every case that certain device locations where HPAV either could not sustain network connectivity, or the bandwidth capacity it could muster up was inadequate to deliver video in the home.  (i.e., no link, or less than 3 Mbps of thruput).

This was certainly not the case with G.hn.  At device locations where HomePlugAV delivered only 1-2 Mbps,  G.hn delivers a thruput capacity well in excess of 100 Mbps.  And that is EXACTLY what we are looking for in a“Plug and Play” network solution. 

Bottom line:  3 cheers are in order.  


Vernon Reed is Lead Member of Technical Staff  |  AT&T Labs, Inc | Austin, Texas



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