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Arkados Announces New Chip That Will Coexist with Future G.hn Standard

January 07, 2009 10:01 PM in Arkados , G.hn , Home Networking , P1901 , Wired Home Networking  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Picture 2 Arkados has announced their up-coming wired home networking chip will “offer support” for G.hn.  You can read their release here.

I am excited that another silicon company is recognizing the importance of the G.hn standard, and where G.hn is headed. In general, I do believe this bodes well for G.hn. However, there are some nuances that need to be addressed.

Interoperability versus coexistence

There is a lot of conversation right now between interoperability and coexistence. Interoperability means that a standard can exchange and work with another standard. Coexistence simply means they don’t interfere with (read break) the other standard.

IEEE P1901 is unusual because it is really three standards under one umbrella. Today, P1901 can be HomePlug, HD-PLC or G.hn.

In practice, any P1901 chip can have any one of these three standards at it’s core. It does not require all three.

 P1901 chips will not interoperate with other P1901 chips that use the different standard.  Obviously, consumers will be frustrated if P1901 chips don’t work with other P1901 chips.

I hope the IEEE works through that problem before the standard is completed in December 2010.

Fortunately, these chips will be able to “coexist” with each other using a protocol called IPP. IPP is supposed to be a mechanism where these standards can operate at the same time and not conflict with each other.

From my understanding, they will split the bandwidth up between the different networks and share them. This is conceptually a good idea because at least the networks will work.

Unfortunately, from what I can tell, there is no way to handle Quality of Service (QoS) --  so video that is run over these networks might have pixelization and other problems.

The other issue with IPP is it requires IPP on both networks. Therefore, unless the existing network supports IPP, the networks will still have a conflict and won’t coexist. This is obviously another bad consumer experience that needs to be avoided.

I am off to CES and I hope to talk to Arkados about how they plan to implement IPP and how these issues can be addressed.

I’ll keep you all posted. 

If you’re  a vendor @ CES and want to share your vision of wired home networking, email me: alan at weinkrantz dot com, along with your cell phone number and I will give you a call in hopes of scheduling a meeting at the show.




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