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Boxee Comes on Strong with new #CES Announcements

January 06, 2011 4:01 PM in Boxee  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Watch for companies like Boxee that are in Las Vegas this week for CES. Here's what they have to announce (their blog post will go up here shortly): 

An agreement with CBS that will give Boxee users the ability to purchase full episodes from CBS starting later this year.  

It's a major step for them, working with the biggest network in the US.  I think that it's the beginning of more deals with more major content providers both here in the US and abroad. 

VUDU 3D, coming soon to Boxee & Boxee-devices 

VUDU's HD on-demand movie service will soon be available to Boxee Box users (it is already available on PC and Mac).  VUDU just announced they'll start streaming movies in 3D, which will also be available on the Boxee Box.

If you have an HDTV you will be able to enjoy the largest HD VOD library with the newest releases (as soon they come out on DVD) in the VUDU HDX format, and if you happen to have a 3D TV then you'll be able to tap into a growing 3D movie library.

Viewsonic TV with Boxee 

Viewsonic is releasing their first "connected" TV running Boxee's software platform.  The goal here is to have a Boxee on every device in the living room look for an offering of  Boxee without the Box.  Pricing and availability have not been set yet. 

Boxee iPad App

While not ready to launch, I'll be checking out a sneak peek at Boxee for the iPad this week.  The free app will enable you to access videos from your Watch Later list as well as from your Feed (stuff shared from Facebook / Twitter), and staying true to Boxee roots will also enables you to stream videos directly to the iPad from your Mac/PC (without requiring you to sync).

And if you get tired of that small screen, it only takes one click to send that video to your D-Link/Iomega/ViewSonic Boxee device.  Very nice.

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