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SigmaDesigns Showcases World's First Live Demo of G.hn Chips at IP &TV World Forum

March 26, 2011 8:03 AM in G.hn , IP&TV World Forum 2011 , Michael Weissman  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

During IP & TV World Forum, CopperGate's VP of Corporate Marketing, Michael Weissman, was on hand with the world's first application of G.hn running at 400 Mbps vs HomePlugAV which runs at 60 -70 MPS.

Sigma Designs' Reuven Franco Demonstrates World's First Prototype Implementation of G.hn

February 03, 2011 7:02 PM in G.hn  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Here's Sigma Designs' Reuven Franco demonstrating the world's first prototype implementation of ITU Standard, G.hn.  

"The Connected Devices Need To Connect..." Insights from Sigma Designs' Michael Weissman on G.hn

January 11, 2011 4:01 AM in G.hn  | 1 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Walking the miles of isles during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show I saw more and more connected TVs with access to traditional and over the top services.  As these type of TVs and other bandwidth hungry devices make their way into the home, G.hn-based products coming to market will play an increasing role in the wired home network. Here's Sigma Designs' VP of Corporate Marketing, Michael Weissman as he elaborates on the importance of connected devices need to connect and how G.hn will help in that process.


Sigma Designs Unveils Industry’s First G.hn Chipset; Translation: IP over Any Electrical Outlet and Much More... #Ghn

October 25, 2010 3:10 PM in G.hn  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

For the last 18 months, I have been covering the evolution of a vision that today has become a reality with Sigma Designs'  announcement of its CG5110, the industry’s first G.hn chipset for home entertainment networking.  

Along the way, I have met with vendors, industry analysts, fellow journalists and bloggers, and consultants, all engaged in the debate as to the realities of the wired home network and which standard would not only gain ITU approval, but be the best logical choice.  

I've been to various conferences and trade shows, walked the halls of C.E.S and Fiber to Home.  Along the way, I feel fortunate to have had a chance to gain a bird's eye view of what's about to become a profound shift in the way we consume, distribute and enjoy content in our homes, apartments, condos and townhouses.  

When I talk about "wired home networks," most my consumer friends are quick to ask, "Why do I need  I need a wired home network, when we have WiFi in the house?"  I politely explain that now and into the future, wired networks will matter even more because of the high demand for ultra wide pipes due to the types of content we are bringing into and around the home.

What Today's Announcement Means

With this announcement, Sigma’s CG5110 G.hn chipset paves the way for an entirely new class of home entertainment networking products and services from leading brands around the world. Sigma's new chipset be used to handle the immense bandwidth required by media-rich applications and high-definition content over any wire, anywhere in the world today and many years ahead.  This is a common theme heard from leading vendors, particularly at the last three C.E.S. Shows I have attended.

A Clearer Path

I've been tracking the technology vendors like Sigma who are all talking about delivering their G.hn solution to OEMs.  What strikes me the most about what Sigma is doing is that their ClearPath technology seems to be an important differentiator.  

As its name infers, Sigma has developed a way to have a clearer and faster way to transport voice, video and data through the noise of a Powerline network.  It has a way to relay - or hand off the signal from node to node as your content flows throughout the house.

This clearer path also signals an important opportunity for service providers to offer true, self-install solutions.  When you can eliminate a service call (AKA truck roll) you can eliminate something to the tune of $400.00 in terms of time, materials and labor.  That's a significant impact to a service provider's bottom line in time, materials and hard costs.

IP Over Any Electrical Outlet

This may take a bit of getting used to, but start wrapping your head around this: think about plugging in your set top box, or plugging in your residential gateway, and it's automatically on the network.  

Plug in any CE type device into any electrical outlet in your home, and you're automatically connected.  

This is a profound shift in how consumers will learn to think about using and expanding applications for their wired home networks.

The World's First Plug & Play Wired Home Network

Going back to when I first started covering the G.hn standard, I also tracked HomeGrid Forum's role.  Early on, they were smart in getting Best Buy on the Board of Directors.  Best Buy is where most of us shop for CE products that tie into wired and wireless networks.  Best Buy is also the type of store other mass merchants around the world look to in setting the standard for selling and delivering CE products to the consumer.   So if you deliver a consumer experience that makes it really easy to literally plug in and go, then you can help introduce a whole new generation of G.hn-based products.

Below are some of the Key Features of the CG5110.  There's more to the tech specs than meet the eyes...  

• Compliant with ITU-T G.hn Recommendation (G.9960/1) over all existing wires: powerline, coax and phoneline

• Compliant with ITU-T G.9954 Recommendation (HomePNA 3.1) • Compliant with HomePlug AV Version 1.1/IEEE P1901 • Compliant with ITU-T G.cx Recommendation (G.9972) over powerline • PHY rate up to 1Gbps • Plug & Play solution – auto configuration; self-install over all three media • G.hn over power line employs ClearPath Extreme technology - enables usage of powerline as a MIMO channel, thus extending coverage, improving the network’s immunity to noise and delivering a higher throughput • Supports both G.hn master and G.hn endpoint applications

• Enables auto detection of supported technologies (G.hn, HomePNA and HomePlug AV)and their corresponding media (power line, coaxial cable, and phoneline)

• Supports simultaneous connection to multiple media to allow auto selection and ensure connectivity

• Supports enhanced algorithms for dynamic topology detection and routing • Multi-hop relaying/repeater capability among G.hn-based products on every wire • Supports coordination and coexistence with neighboring networks • Intelligent Rate Adaptive algorithm to ensure optimal rate on any channel in noisy environments

• Coexists with VDSL2/bonded VDSL2/VDSL/ADSL2+/ADSL2/ ADSL, ISDN, POTs, terrestrial and satellite TV CG5110 samples will be available to customers in Q1 2011.

Everywire at up to 3Gbps

By using all three wires in the home (coax, phone lines and power lines), Sigma’s G.hn chipset will enable home networks that can run up to 3Gbps. This high-performance solution can deliver up to 60 times the throughput of existing wireless technologies and more than nine times the performance of existing wire solutions.

With this level of performance, Sigma will enable service providers to easily and affordably deliver any service they are looking to implement in the coming decade, including high-definition multimedia entertainment, triple- play services, IPTV, telepresence, telemedicine, home monitoring and 3DTV.

Backward Deployment Is Part of Forward Deployment

Sigma’s CG5110 also supports backward compatibility with today’s mass deployments of HomePNA® and HomePlug® AV. With an estimated 80 percent of all IPTV deployments in the world based on these standards, Sigma’s G.hn solution allows the smoothest and most seamless migration to G.hn for service providers around the world.

Sigma’s G.hn technology delivers additional benefits:

• Creates the fastest home network ever possible – up to 3Gbps by simultaneously using all three wires inside the home, each media carries up to 1Gbps

• Every outlet in the house can now talk to every other outlet in the house using the same IP protocol, creating a single mesh network. This will make the connected home a reality

• Sigma’s chipset is the first to include the next-generation MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) technology over powerline through the addition of ClearPath ExtremeTM. ClearPath Extreme employs MIMO features to bring significantly better performance over any other powerline technology available today

• Enables an easy migration from legacy wireline technologies • Lowers the cost to manage home networks by providing the most advanced diagnostics and management features delivered in a home networking solutions.

If you're an OEM, I'd love to hear about your plans to build and develop new products.  And if by chance, there's a consumer who's reading this post, share your dreams and desires with our reading community.



DFJ's Barry Schuler's Take on G.hn #Ghn @Ghn @everywire

October 18, 2010 12:10 PM in G.hn  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Barry Schuler has a unique vantage point on the world.  As Managing Director of the DFJ Growth Fund, he sees every type of macro trend on the horizon, and the realities of what is trendy vs. what will stick.As the former Chairman / CEO of America Online, he understands consumer behavior.  Here's his take on G.hn and the increasing need for wired home networks.





Holland Electronics' James Brown Sees A Future the Digital Home and G.hn -#DHS10 #Ghn

September 23, 2010 8:09 PM in DigitalHomeSummit2010 , G.hn  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

During the Digital Home Summit in Las Vegas, I had a chance to connect with James Brown with Holland Electronics.

Holland Electronics manufactures products for the  CATV, SMATV, Satellite, Wireless and Fiber Optic markets specializing in connectivity, broadband distribution, head-end and installation accessories.

Looking ahead, James talks about the future of the digital home and the G.hn standard.



Lantiq's Stephan Vossen Envisions G.hn As Central to the Future of the Digital / Connected Home - #Ghn #DHS10 @lantiq

September 20, 2010 9:09 PM in DigitalHomeSummit2010 , G.hn  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

During the Digital Home Summit in Las Vegas, I had a chance to visit with Lantiq's Senior Director of Engineering, Stephan Vossen, who shared his company's vision on the future of G.hn.


NewTeeVee Reports: Apple Pushes Forward With Streaming Video Plans - Apple G.hn Products in the Works?

August 06, 2010 1:08 AM in G.hn  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

NewTeeVee is reporting about Apple going forward with plans, by reporting on another story from CNET, which reports that Apple is planning to roll out a cloud-based video service.

Does this also mean we'll start seeing Apple products with G.hn?

If Apple has a cozy relationship with AT&T, and AT&T has a huge retail footprint to sell U-verse, could we start seeing Apple TV-based products and services in AT&T stores?

Chime in with a comment.



What Would Don Draper Do If He Landed the G.hn Account? #Ghn (Best Answer Gets a Free Man Men DVD Box Set)

July 21, 2010 12:07 PM in G.hn  | 1 comments  | 0 TrackBack

If you're a fan of Madmen, you'll know who Don Draper is.  By day, he's a big time ad executive and by night (and many times during the day) well, he's sort of a scoundrel womanizer and a few other things.

Even with all his character flaws, Don Draper is one smart cookie.  He understands the American psyche and very good at selling consumer goods to American families.

Now imagine that Don just landed the coveted "G.hn Account".  As you can see from the look on his face in the photo above, he's thrilled with the win, but wondering- "what now?"

Since Don is fiction, I am taking some license here as well, since there is no real account in play.  After all, G.hn is an industry standard.  

So now, back to our fantasty.  Don has mysteriously been transported in a time machine into the year 2010.  He's sitting in front of a bunch of service providers and OEM's needing his help and insights on brand promise and how to get the message to millions of Americans that their wired home network is about to be dramatically transformed.That's when OEM's like Sigma, will be delivering technology to major brands based on G.h technology. 

Don needs your help, and I am acting as his agent.   Since he comes from the 60's and was transported to 2010, he's not quite sure what to make of the way we consume and now even curate our content.  He's being advised by the nice folks at HomeGrid Forum on what to do, but Don is not quite sure what to make of them, let alone their intent to help out on this initiative.

Advertising as he's known it, as been turned on its head.  He's never seen a big screen TV with almost real life images on something called HD.  They typewriters have all been replaced by personal computers and the typing pool.  His diary has been replaced by a smart phone and Tide is big time into something new called Social Media.  

Don's a quick study, but needs your help.  

I am looking for submissions as to what you would recommend Don would do to help educate and promote the new G.hn standard.  

Be creative and have fun (no womanizing, please.)

The best submission will not only get their ideas posted on Everywire.com, but I will personally send you your choice of any season of the Mad Men series from Amazon!

Deadline is July 31, midnight CST.  Leave a comment or send an email to me with your pitch:  alan at weinkrantz dot com.

I thank you and Don really thanks you big time.

Eight Silicon Vendors Align, Supporting The United Nations ITU-T's Next Generation Wired Network Standard

June 12, 2010 2:06 AM in G.hn , G.hnem  | 1 comments  | 0 TrackBack

When I started this blog, my focus was on the wired home network and the G.hn standard.  I kept thinking of "wired home network," in the literal sense.  You know, in the home - as in the confines of the home, and nowhere else. 


What I did not think about, or even consider, was the possibility of linking the wired home network to an even larger network that feeds my home with the power it needs - the grid.

But now, this all makes sense.  

Linking our family's wired home network to the grid, and doing it with a single, unified standard will open up a whole new marketplace for some very smart, and visionary manufacturers to innovate and create new products that will help transform the way we live and work -- at home. 

Before these products come to market, silicon vendors have to commit to a standard like G.hn.  

Today, that hurdle was crossed with the announcement that eight major silicon vendors around the world announced their support of the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU-T) G.hn and G.hnem technologies for wired home networking and energy management.  Kawasaki Microelectronics America, Inc. and TangoTec are the newest members of HomeGrid Forum, who are joining leading semiconductor suppliers DS2, Ikanos, Intel, Lantiq, Sigma Designs, and Texas Instruments as backers of today's official approved standard.

These eight companies are showing their support for G.hn because they recognize the advantage and opportunity made available through one truly global standard technology for multimedia networking in the home, and out to the grid.

It will be interesting to watch these select companies as they help deliver next-generation technology that will enable their customers to better service their markets with future-generation products that are efficient, simpler to deploy, and works over all three wires—coax, phone, and power lines.  

Remember, G.hn is worldwide. 

It's global. 

That means scale with potentially billions of devices all connected and working on all physical media, supporting, a range of applications, including high-end multimedia networking implementations. 


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