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Step Outside. G.hn Is Not Just In the Home

July 12, 2011 6:07 PM in Smart Meters  | 1 comments  | 0 TrackBack

G.hn is gonna be great for the wired home network.  I thnk we've pretty much got that one down.


So now it's time to start thinking outside the box a bit - or rather, outside the home and looking at the smart meter, the smart grid, and connecting the dots here.

A good way to start is reading smartreaders.com.

The site was created by  Internet Entrepreneur and self confessed gadget geek Angus Doyle.  His goal is to bring you the latest news, views and information from those involved within the smart meter industry.

He's not a supplier or manufacturer of meters or metering technology.  He's just trying to get us all to start thinking about what smart meter technology can do.  

Oh, Angus is not in Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, London or Tokyo.  He's based in the Isle of Benbecula, a small island off the West Coast of Scotland. 

Keep smartreader.com on your radar for reading.  

Start connecting the dots as G.hn products come to market and step outside the comfort zone of your home.  It's a big world world out there, and a good place to start on this journey might be the very smart meter sitting outside your home.


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