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Now Available: A Service Provider's Perspective on G.hn

May 18, 2009 2:05 PM in Alan Weinkrantz , AT&T , EveryWire , EveryWire.com , G.hn , Home Networking , HomeGrid Forum , Tom Starr , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 1 comments  | 0 TrackBack

The service provider landscape continues to dramatically change, with growing emphasis on increasingly complex multi-play offerings that include Internet Protocol-based voice, video, and high-speed data. 

These services need to not only be delivered to the home, but throughout the home to everywhere they are needed.  

What role will the service provider play in whole-home networking?  And what do these companies require from the next-generation wired networking technologies that will come to market?  Find out by downloading the new webinar from HomeGrid Forum. 

WHAT: This new webinar will deliver a service provider’s perspective on next-generation wired home networking, including:

·       Technical requirements for a next-generation standard

·       Critical improvements necessary for adoption

·       Considerations in transitioning from current- to next-generation standards

·       Differences in implementation in single and multi-dwelling units

·       Advantages of single vs. multiple standards/approaches

WHO: The webinar is presented by Tom Starr, lead member of technical staff at AT&T, and Mario Finocchiaro, director of business development for Aware, Inc. and secretary of the HomeGrid Forum.  (Note:  I recently had the chance to interview AT&T's Tom Starr, Lead Member of Technical Staff, which you may read here.)

     WHERE: To download the webinar and other materials from HomeGrid Forum, visit the organization’s Resource Library at http://www.homegridforum.org/resource_library

WHEN: The webinar is available now.

AT&T Participating in G.hn Standard Development

February 19, 2009 10:02 PM in Alan Weinkrantz , AT&T , EveryWire , EveryWire.com , G.hn , HomePNA , P1901 , Tom Starr , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

I recently had a chance to visit with Tom Starr, Lead Member of Technical Staff for AT&T.  Tom is a recent AT&T award winner.

It stands to reason that the world’s largest telecommunications company would have an interested in G.hn.  After all, the company has over 1,000,000 American homes on its HomePNA based wired network that runs its U-verse triple play offering. 

After installing this many homes you learn a lot about wiring and the realities that not all homes are wired equally.  In a perfect world, you’d have what Tom kept referring to “no new wires,” but the reality is that each home has different wiring types in each room that lend themselves better at connectivity and delivering services.

From day one, Tom has been active and working with the ITU’s development of the G.hn standard (which is now officially called G.9960).  He told me that AT&T is watching the development of the G.hn standard for a few reasons:

  1. Connect to any room no matter what the wiring type may be.  Get to a point where the customer can self-install new hardware- something considered to be the holy grail of any video provider
  2. Have built-in diagnostics and tools that allow for remote manageability and ease of use.
  3. Have multiple supply sources.  And when you have an industry standard like G.hn, you get to a certain point of critical mass where you will have many technology, equipment, parts and product marketers all supplying the channel with compatible and industry standard offerings.  This helps grow the industry ecosystem and supply chain.

I’ve been an AT&T U-verse customer for over three years.  Some of my readers may also know my 3Screens blog, in which I write a consumer facing blog about AT&T’s three screen strategy. 

Now that I have a true IP home with triple play services, I personally look forward to AT&T’s deployment of the next generation of wired home networks- courtesy of the G.hn standard.

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