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AT&T's Jeff Weber Talks About The Wired Home Network and G.hn

June 01, 2010 6:06 AM in AT&T , Jeff Weber , U-verse  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Last week, I was in Atlanta at the AT&T Research Labs to get a preview of new TV technologies, products and service coming to AT&T.  In the context of the wired home network and Jeff Weber - of which AT&T is a supporter, here's G.hn, VP of Product & Strategy talking about the role of this important industry standard.

And Why Not The Energy Channel?

July 09, 2009 4:07 PM in Alan Weinkrantz , AT&T , G.hn , U-verse  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

AT&T has just served up a slew of new features that I recently received overnight.  The biggest news was the software update that allows my family to enjoy new Total Home DVR capabilities and navigation enhancements, plus a new and visually enhanced look and feel which you can see hereDSC_0009

The other new features that were added for all U-verse TV customers include a new Mobile Remote Access App for the iPhone, enhancements to AT&T’s Web Remote Access app and a free month of Starz in July as a customer appreciation promotion.


You can view a demo of these enhancements here, and a demo of U-verse Mobile Remote Access App for iPhone here.

With all the great technology and all the great channels, I wonder:  why not a channel that is tied to my utility company (in my case, CPS / San Antonio), that would let me watch and monitor the family’s energy consumption?

And while we’re away- why not a special app on my iPhone that is tied to my G.hn wired home network, so I can monitor the house and all energy consumption when we’re away?  Even with Microsoft’s recent announcement, promoting its new hohm offering, it’s not quite enough.

My take is that Microsoft with it being  the middleware provider to AT&T and other telcos around the world, should address how they could tie their software platform to my soon to be G.hn-based network to not only enjoy great broadcast programming, but help my family save money and help make my home a bit more green.


Now Available: A Service Provider's Perspective on G.hn

May 18, 2009 2:05 PM in Alan Weinkrantz , AT&T , EveryWire , EveryWire.com , G.hn , Home Networking , HomeGrid Forum , Tom Starr , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 1 comments  | 0 TrackBack

The service provider landscape continues to dramatically change, with growing emphasis on increasingly complex multi-play offerings that include Internet Protocol-based voice, video, and high-speed data. 

These services need to not only be delivered to the home, but throughout the home to everywhere they are needed.  

What role will the service provider play in whole-home networking?  And what do these companies require from the next-generation wired networking technologies that will come to market?  Find out by downloading the new webinar from HomeGrid Forum. 

WHAT: This new webinar will deliver a service provider’s perspective on next-generation wired home networking, including:

·       Technical requirements for a next-generation standard

·       Critical improvements necessary for adoption

·       Considerations in transitioning from current- to next-generation standards

·       Differences in implementation in single and multi-dwelling units

·       Advantages of single vs. multiple standards/approaches

WHO: The webinar is presented by Tom Starr, lead member of technical staff at AT&T, and Mario Finocchiaro, director of business development for Aware, Inc. and secretary of the HomeGrid Forum.  (Note:  I recently had the chance to interview AT&T's Tom Starr, Lead Member of Technical Staff, which you may read here.)

     WHERE: To download the webinar and other materials from HomeGrid Forum, visit the organization’s Resource Library at http://www.homegridforum.org/resource_library

WHEN: The webinar is available now.

U-verse Pre-wired and Part of San Antonio's First Urban Residential High Rise

May 11, 2009 1:05 PM in Alan Weinkrantz , EveryWire , EveryWire.com , G.hn , Home Networking , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

In my other life, I have another blog, 3Screens.net, that cover a consumer's view on being an AT&T three-screen customer.

Because I live in San Antonio, I was able to be a trial user of AT&T's IPTV service, U-verse.  Even since AT&T's roll-out of the service, I continue to track what the company is doing.  Now with covering wired home networks and the G.hn standard, I am starting to think about the future opportunities and implications of not only the wired home, but the wired MDU - (multi-dwelling unit) like apartment buildings and condominiums.

San Antonio developer, Ed Cross, has just completed the building of the  first urban high rise apartment building in.  

The Vistana, as the development in known, is pre-wired with AT&T's U-verse.  It's pre-wired not only in each living unit, but in the business center and community game and entertainment facility.

The potential for G.hn is not just for the "home" as we think it.  The potential for G.hn in MDU's is equally compelling.  View the interview here.  

Why G.hn is now the Official Big Enchilada of Wired Home Networking Standards.

March 12, 2009 4:03 AM in Alan Weinkrantz , Best Buy , EveryWire , EveryWire.com , G.hn , Home Networking , HomeGrid Forum , HomePlug , HomePNA , MoCA , P1901 , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 0 comments  | 1 TrackBack

Last night as I was running some errands, I drove by and decided to pay a visit to my local Best Buy where I live in San Antonio.  I walked through the myriad of big screen TVs and of course the way cool Magnolia Theater section of the store.

I needed to do this in order think through a bit more about how and why Best Buy’s role as a Board Member of the HomeGrid Forum will impact the future of the wired home network. 

Then it hit me. 

Being an AT&T U-verse customer, I must confess that my brain has been way too service provider-centric since I have been living on HomePNA for the past three years.

The “ah-ha” moment came to me when I realized that in one fell swoop, the big box retailer will be the key driver in the migration to the next generation of wired home networking - the G.hn standard.  Now that Circuit City is dead, Best Buy controls what U.S. consumers buy in terms of consumer electronics, home appliances, and computers.

Best Buy wants to make sure that when a customer walks in the door to shop and hopefully buy, the entire experience is excellent. While I haven’t spoken to Best Buy, my guess is they probably realize all too well that the home networking experience today is not that great an experience. There are too many standards, different devices that don’t work well together and as a result, customers get confused and return their products.

Best Buy can fix all that. By pushing TV, appliance, computer and network device makers towards a common standard like G.hn, Best Buy can do more to help rally the industry around a unified approach to the connected home.  Plus, what Best Buy does in the U.S. will impact what other big box retailers in other parts of the world. 

My guess is once Best Buy decides to embrace G.hn in full, every hardware company will have to migrate from existing standards such as HomePlug, MoCA and HomePNA to G.hn. This probably won’t happen overnight. It will probably take years. Still, I can’t hardly wait and see how Best Buy makes it all work seamlessly together.



HomePNA’s Laison Announcement With HomeGrid Forum Illustrates Long Term Commitment to Industry Standards

March 06, 2009 4:03 PM in EveryWire , EveryWire.com , G.hn , Home Networking , HomePNA , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Last week, HomePNA announced the signing of a liaison agreement with HomeGrid Forum to jointly promote the ITU’s G.hn home networking standard.   HomePNA President, Bill Simmelink told me that his members strongly believe in, and support the work being done there. Beyond the announcement, there’s another story to be told.  I think HomePNA is uniquely positioned to support G.hn because its members were among its earliest supporters.  

HomePNA is the only true existing-wire home networking "standard."  To date, it's the only technology endorsed and supported by a true standards group - an impartial organization that isn't under the control of a limited number of companies.  Also, HomePNA is the only home networking standard that operates simultaneously over two of the three types of home wiring; coax and phone wires.  It works as advertised and I've had it in my home for 3 years running on AT&T's U-verse offering.

Add these together and multiply by the fact that HomePNA’s two-wire home networking was standardized by the same ITU home networking standards group now working on the G.hn three-wire standard, and you can see how well HomePNA members are positioned in terms of technology, experience and expertise to drive and take advantage of the G.hn work. 

And one more thing….even tough HomePNA isn’t publically commenting on the next generation HomePNA 4 spec development, they have disclosed that it will provide broad support for the G.hn standard.



AT&T Participating in G.hn Standard Development

February 19, 2009 10:02 PM in Alan Weinkrantz , AT&T , EveryWire , EveryWire.com , G.hn , HomePNA , P1901 , Tom Starr , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

I recently had a chance to visit with Tom Starr, Lead Member of Technical Staff for AT&T.  Tom is a recent AT&T award winner.

It stands to reason that the world’s largest telecommunications company would have an interested in G.hn.  After all, the company has over 1,000,000 American homes on its HomePNA based wired network that runs its U-verse triple play offering. 

After installing this many homes you learn a lot about wiring and the realities that not all homes are wired equally.  In a perfect world, you’d have what Tom kept referring to “no new wires,” but the reality is that each home has different wiring types in each room that lend themselves better at connectivity and delivering services.

From day one, Tom has been active and working with the ITU’s development of the G.hn standard (which is now officially called G.9960).  He told me that AT&T is watching the development of the G.hn standard for a few reasons:

  1. Connect to any room no matter what the wiring type may be.  Get to a point where the customer can self-install new hardware- something considered to be the holy grail of any video provider
  2. Have built-in diagnostics and tools that allow for remote manageability and ease of use.
  3. Have multiple supply sources.  And when you have an industry standard like G.hn, you get to a certain point of critical mass where you will have many technology, equipment, parts and product marketers all supplying the channel with compatible and industry standard offerings.  This helps grow the industry ecosystem and supply chain.

I’ve been an AT&T U-verse customer for over three years.  Some of my readers may also know my 3Screens blog, in which I write a consumer facing blog about AT&T’s three screen strategy. 

Now that I have a true IP home with triple play services, I personally look forward to AT&T’s deployment of the next generation of wired home networks- courtesy of the G.hn standard.

CED Magazine’s Brian Santo “Guaranteed” Fearless Prediction for 2009 on Home Networking….

January 03, 2009 12:01 AM in G.hn , Home Networking , HomePNA , U-verse , Wired Home Networking  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Happy New Year. 

CED Magazine’s Editor, Brian Santo has a great post in today’s issue in which he clearly states:  “Home networking, as a service, will become a big issue.”

Right on, Brian! 

Read Brian’s story here.

I think Brian is right.

The excitement about wireless networking has cast a shadow of an even more important trend: the wired home entertainment network.

While not as sexy and as glamorous as wireless, these wired networks are finally delivering the desired interconnectivity consumers crave between their PC, telephone and HDTV worlds.

I have been writing about AT&T’s U-verse for three years on  my 3screens.net blog and it is clear to me how wired networks based on HomePNA and other technologies are helping deliver real solutions to consumers.

G.hn: Wired For Speed

In my personal situation and being an AT&T customer, I am looking forward to moving from 100 Mbit/s offered by my HomePNA-based U-verse solution to probably 700-800 Mbit/s of throughput offered by G.hn. I am sure that users of MoCA and HomePlug will also want similar performance improvements that G.hn can bring. 

This type of wired speed provides many new applications will emerge - some that haven't even being thought of today.

CopperGate Commits To G.hn

December 15, 2008 2:12 PM in CopperGate , G.hn , HomePNA , U-verse  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

Picture 5 CopperGate Communications has just announced its support of G.hn.

In its press release, the company’s CEO, Gabi Helevitz reiterated its commitment to the G.hn working group from the beginning.  CopperGate has invested nearly a decade in being a pioneer in home networking, primarily being an early advocate of HomePNA

It’s interesting to watch CopperGate’s evolution as it has not only been a major player in the HomePNA standard, but now expanding its reach when it acquired the HomePlug AV business from Conexant Systems, Inc. [NASDAQ - CNXT] in May.  This makes CopperGate the first semiconductor company with home networking technologies supporting all three wire types – coax, phone and power lines.

To date, the company’s biggest design win has been with AT&T.  Earlier this month, the world’s largest telco announced that it had reached a major milestone by having its 1,000,000th living unit on U-verse, the company’s IPTV and triple play service offering.  CopperGate’s chipsets are found in each set top box and residential gateway installed in an AT&T’s customers’ home.

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