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Z-Wave Connects To, and Extends the G.hn - based Wired Home Network Ecosystem

April 01, 2011 5:04 PM in IPTV World Forum , Z-Wave , Z-Wave Alliance  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

During the IPTV World Forum, Sigma Design's Raoul Wijgergands, illustrated the potential of Z-Wave as it is integrated as part of a G.hn set top and a wired home network ecosystem.  What's important here, is that Z-Wave is not only in the set top box, but connects to all of your devices such as lighting, locks, appliances - really anything for home control.

On the screen based interface control on your TV, you can see how a consumer can control temperature and lighting.

Z-Wave Alliance Showcases What's Possible and What's To Come In Home Control and Automation

January 13, 2011 2:01 PM in Z-Wave  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

While this blog is focused on the wired home network, it's also important to look at peripheral technologies that are making their way into the home.

Z-Wave is the industry standard for wireless remote control that allows users to create a wireless, two-way mesh network within a single family home, condo or apartment. This network allows complete control of a large number of compatible devices throughout the home from a single remote control, wall panel, or Internet interface.

What makes Z-Wave special is that it operates as a mesh network (i.e. with no central controller).  So instead of relying only on line-of-sight communications like other technologies, Z-Wave is able can work around this obstacle by routing commands through other devices in the network when required.

Let's say you're in an upstairs bedroom at night when you remember you left a light on in the kitchen. All you have to do is press the button on the controller to turn off the light, but the signal is blocked by the refrigerator. In other systems, this situation would require you to move to a different area in the house and try again, or even turn off the light physically if the obstacle is big enough.

 With a Z-Wave network, if the signal is blocked the first time the signal will notify the controller that it did not complete the connection and the network will immediately seek an alternative path.

It may go to a hallway light, then the thermostat, then a dimmer switch in the dining room before ultimately reaching the kitchen. It will try as many times as is necessary, or until all possibilities are exhausted. Once the operation is complete, you receive an indication on the controller telling you the action has occurred. 

Extended Range

Not only does this mesh network help you get around obstacles. It also helps you extend the range of your Z-Wave system by relaying the signal along multiple devices. Homes that don?t work with other types of home controls due to size or construction can finally be controlled easily via Z-Wave. Current tests show a Z-Wave network can cover even mansions with over 10.000 of square feet.




Beyond The Connected Home at CES 2010

January 11, 2010 8:01 PM in Z-Wave  | 0 comments  | 0 TrackBack

I am still sorting out what I saw at CES 2010.  When you're in a four day blur of seeing new products, services and technologies, let alone all the noise and mayhem of the show, it's important to step back and look for broader themes.

I previous wrote about 3D TV and the coming of Internet TV. It took my coming home, sitting in my own living room and realized that a more connected home - one that interfaces with helping to control my environment, save on energy and protect my family is another macro trend that I saw.

Z-Wave Alliance had its ecosystem of wired and wireless control system vendors in force - an emerging market opportunity that merits observation.  Many of its members are traditional vendors that are moving up the food chain in technology in the areas of lighting, appliance, HVA entertainment centers and security systems.  

I shot a great video with an overview of the booth that I will be posting shortly. 

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